February 03,  2019 by Chris Hohner

How wordpress plugins can enhance your websites style and functionality.

Adding a custom wordpress plugin can be a game changer for your website!

If, you are already a wordpress user then you are most likely familiar with plugins. If not, here is a brief overview.

“A plugin is a piece of software that can be added to any wordpress website to add functionality and style”

There are a slew of wordpress plugins available to enhance your website in more ways you can imagine. I like to frequent envato marketplace for my plugins. I have been a member for many years and I have purchase many plugins. I often find some good ones that add value to my client websites for their user experience.

A plugin can be anything from a “Pop Up Subscribe Form” to “Image Galleries” to “Social Media” plugins. The list is endless and they are niche’ driven, so for example, let’s say you have wedding planning website? You can find an event plugin that will automate all of the tasks that you usually do manually such as; scheduling, notifying guest, posting information to the front end of your website in organized fashion, etc. All with just a few clicks! Sure, you have to set things up, but they are built with “user friendly” in mind (or, they should be). You get your own admin panel and you can work it from anywhere. Even mobile! The end result is to create efficiency and automation which results in increased productivity and time management. The possibilities are endless with plugins and envato marketplace is a great place to familiarize yourself with these products.

It is like a candy store for web developers. The secret vault where ALL of the web designers go to get cool features for their customers. You will be amazed!”

But like everything else in this world, some plugin’s are great and, some are disappointing. So, I highly recommend when shopping for a plugin, stick to this plan. Look at reviews, visit demo pages to “test drive” and see what is trending in your niche by filtering your search. Also, make sure that the plugin is updated recently and that the author has good support and ratings. It is all transparent on envato. You will like!

At the end of the day, the right wordpress plugin can make all the difference in making your website serve the purpose it is meant to by giving your users the best experience possible. Plugin’s on envato only cost up to $40.

For me, some of these plugins are great but, I always needed more out them. My desire to have the same functionality and styling that the “Big Guys” have without the high cost eventually lead me to hit a brick wall and, the envato plugins were no longer “cutting the mustard”. So I figured it was time to start to make my own. That’s right! I realized that I could make things from my own ideas and increase the functionality of my client websites and my own sites. To date, my team and I have made many plugins that range from social media engagement plugin to woo commerce product adder for mobile. We call it “WOO FLEX”. Keep an eye out!

I also have made some very simple plugin’s such as this one that gives your website a unique way of seeing a customer’s testimonial displayed on your website without cluttering up the page.

Check it out! >> Click on here to see this plugin in action. It has class!

 “This particular wordpress plugin serves a specific purpose for me to display testimonials. I could not find it anywhere! So, I made it.”

The best part about a plugin is after it’s made it can be plugged into any website that is running on wordpress; hence the word “plugin”.  Therefore, you can use it on other projects as you wish.

I believe that making yourself a custom plugin is how your website can go from AVERAGE to AWESOME without having to so a total revamp.

Let’s make a wordpress plugin!

This is a great time to upgrade your website with new google standards to be met by all website owners. We use the latest and greatest code! We have awesome project management that can paint a clear path to what you want to accomplish and we will train you throughout the entire process. Give us a call today to explore the possibilities of wordpress plugin’s at 910-420-5084! 

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